CropProphet Argentina Grain Yield Forecasts

Since 2009, CropProphet has been focused on creating the grains markets’ most accurate US corn and soybean yield forecast system.  During this time, the most frequent request from our grain trading, grain merchandising, and discretionary and systematic hedge fund customers have been “Do you have international yield forecasts?”

CropProphet is pleased to announce the availability of Argentina grain yield forecasts in December 2020.  You can discover tomorrow’s grain yield today.

CropProphet will augment its popular Enterprise subscription to include forecasts of:

Our business focus is quantifying the impact of weather on crops to create value for grain trading organizations.  The Argentina grain yield forecasts are created using the machine learning crop forecasting methods we have developed for forecasting US grain yields and production.

Each new customer who subscribes to CropProphet Enterprise before December 31 2020 will gain access to:

  • CropProphet Argentina Grain Yield Forecasts for the 2020/2021 South American growing season, and
  • CropProphet US Grain Yield and Production forecasts for the 2021 US crop season.

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Many factors are creating uncertainty in the global grain markets for the remainder of 2020 and into 2021.   For example, a developing La Niña will certainly impact crop yields and production in Argentina and Brazil.  CropProphet grain yield forecasts provide a quantitative estimate of the impact of weather on the Argentinian crop.    You do not have to guess what the impact of weather conditions is because CropProphet quantifies the impact of weather on crops.

The Argentina grain yield forecast product is not yet released however we have been testing the model extensively during its development.  The videos below show monthly updates of our daily (live in the product) corn and soybean yield forecasts created during our model training and testing process.

Argentina Corn Yield Forecast Animation







Argentina Soybean Yield Forecast Animation


South American Crop Weather Content

CropProphet Enterprise will continue to include the South American weather content released in the Fall of 2019.  The information enables users to monitor the observed and forecast weather conditions in an agricultural context.

Examples of the content include:

Brazil and Argentina Observed Weather Conditions

South America Observed Growing Degree Days Relative to Normal

An Example Observed Growing Degree Day Analysis


Brazil and Argentina Weather Forecast Information

South American Precipitation Forecast

An Example Precipitation Forecast


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