Innovative Grain Yield & Production Forecasting

Quantifying Weather Impacts to Predict Crop Yield

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The CropProphet Yield Forecast System

CropProphet uses machine learning and long histories of weather and crop data to accurately predict crop yield and production. Since 2009, CropProphet has delivered crop predictions with greater accuracy and lead time than other providers.

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Whom We Serve

CropProphet delivers powerful capabilities to benefit trading and agribusiness professionals by minimizing crop price risk and maximizing trading opportunities.

  • Trading & Investing
  • Risk Management
  • AgriBusiness
    • Grain Merchandisers
    • Grain Traders
    • Hedge Fund Portfolio Managers & Data Analysts
    • Risk Managers
    • Data Scientist & Actuaries

CropProphet Advantages

With a proven track record of objective crop forecast accuracy that anticipates market movements, CropProphet provides a quantifiable edge for risk management and market decisions.

  • State-of-the-art real time and historical weather databases
  • Tailored statistical learning methods
  • Comprehensive out-of-sample performance testing
  • Quantitative impacts of future weather
  • Flexible visualization tools

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