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Unique Advantages

of CropProphet Crop Production and Yield Forecast System
Weather and Satellite Inputs

Satellite crop monitoring is now commonplace. CropProphet provides a more complete solution based on high-resolution weather inputs combined with satellite data – updated daily.

Superior Accuracy

Rigorous cross-validated testing proves that CropProphet’s US crop production forecasts are at least one month ahead of the USDA estimates

Objective Weather Outlook

Weather forecasts create a lot of hype in the grain markets. CropProphet cuts through the noise by providing an objective calculation of the impacts of the weather forecast on crop production and yield.

Backtest Your Ideas

Develop quantitative strategies with a 15-year history of of daily CropProphet forecasts. Customers also have access to comprehensive databases of historical weather and crop production and yield data.

Our Product

Web & Digital Access to Daily Updated US National, State, and County Crop Production Forecasts
Three Subscription Choices
  • Premier Subscription

    Includes website access to CropProphet production and yield forecasts for the National, State and County levels - and including the impact of the 14-day weather outlook on the crop forecast

  • Enterprise Subscription

    Includes website access to all CropProphet forecasts, including an analysis of both the 14-day and 28-day weather outlooks. This subscription also adds unlimited digital data access for the current crop season

  • Enterprise Modeller Subscription

    Includes all of the functionality above plus digital access to a 15 year daily history of CropProphet forecasts.