Serving Professionals & Institutions

From risk managers and trading professionals to grain merchandisers, data scientists, and fund managers – professionals and institutions rely on CropProphet’s accurate forecasts to inform futures, options, and cash trading decisions. The CropProphet Yield Forecast System offers powerful risk management benefits built on years of research and decades of data.

Grain Merchandisers

Grain merchandisers benefit from using CropProphet by:

  • Ensuring adequate crop supply via analysis of county, state, and national crop production predictions
  • Anticipating changes in crop prices to minimize acquisition price or maximize sale price
  • Understanding forecast uncertainty estimates & best-case/worst-case scenarios

Grain Traders

Grain traders benefit from using CropProphet by:

  • Anticipating supply-based futures/options price movements before the market
  • Trading differences in predictions relative to USDA WASDE estimates
  • Quantifying model performance in different prior-year scenarios
  • Receiving a daily email providing the latest insights prior to market opening

Data Scientists, Analysts, and Actuaries

Data scientists, analysts, and actuaries benefit from using CropProphet by:

  • Leveraging accurate weather-based yield and production forecasts to assess in-season crop insurance portfolio risk
  • Communicating with internal and external stakeholders with visually attractive yield prediction maps
  • Quantifying portfolio risk with 34 years of historical county, state, and national forecasts

Risk Managers

Risk managers benefit from using CropProphet by:

  • Analyzing and planning for risks directly related to weather’s impact on production
  • Predicting regional crop yield to manage basis risks
  • Using the crop yield and production forecast information to manage customer expectations

Hedge Fund Portfolio Managers and Data Analysts

Hedge fund portfolio managers and data analysts benefit from using CropProphet by:

  • Developing systematic trading algorithms via backtesting prior to implementation using as much as 34 years of historical forecasts
  • Developing a sound scientific process to ensure no overfitting
  • Assessing model risk by analyzing CropProphet’s point-in-time, rolling, and cross-validated crop yield and production forecast performance
  • Enabling proprietary crop model development via the CropProphet Weather Data feed.  The feed includes historical, daily updated, and forecast weather conditions along with a suite of historical and in-season updated USDA data.


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