Midwest Heat Wave Update: July 2020

Midwest Heat Wave Forecast Update We recently posted information about the probability of a Midwestern US Heat Wave in July 2020 from our related product, the World Climate Service. Since the ECMWF “extended forecast” was released yesterday, this post updates the forecast as of July 7th, 2020. On June 29, 2020, we wrote a post[…]

2020 Midwest Heat Wave Forecast: It’s in the Probabilities

CropProphet, which provides weather-based forecasts of grain yield and production, is created by Prescient Weather. We have a second product, called the World Climate Service (WCS), which is designed to support energy and commodity meteorologists and grain traders as they seek to improve not only their long-range forecasting process but also the communication of weather-related[…]

What is Ag Weather?

What is ag weather? Ag weather, short for “agriculture weather” is the term used to comprehensively indicate the impact weather has on the agriculture industry and the information used to make decisions to manage those impacts. The use of ag weather information in agriculture has many applications.  For example: An agricultural producer will look at[…]

Winter Wheat Yield Forecast Commentary

Winter Wheat Yield Forecast Commentary CropProphet releases a bi-weekly crop commentary focused on the analysis of the winter wheat yield forecast during the early winter wheat season each spring and a weekly crop commentary during the corn and soybean growing season in the US. The information below is the “best of April” CropProphet crop commentary.[…]

USDA WASDE – August Corn Yield Forecast Performance

USDA WASDE: How accurate are the estimates? As the end of the crop season approaches each year, the market eagerly awaits the August USDA World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimate (WASDE) report, released by Cornell University’s Mann Library. CropProphet is a web-based solution providing users with a weather-based yield forecasts of the end-of-season USDA national[…]

Corn Planting Delays: Significant Impact on Corn Yield Forecasts

Corn Planting Delays: Introduction The most popular question from customers and prospective customers of CropProphet this year is “how do you account for the corn planting delays in your yield forecasts?” This post addresses that question by looking at the performance of CropProphet in prior late planting years. May 2019 = Wet in the Corn[…]