What State Produces the Most Corn?

What state produces the most corn? In 2023 Iowa produced just over 2.5 billion bushels of corn, making it the #1 producer of corn in the United States.  Illinois produced 2.27 billion bushels, making it the 2nd most productive corn-growing state.

State Corn Production Ranking for 2023

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The 2023 Production in Review

We reviewed the unique 2023 corn growing season weather conditions.

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How many acres of corn are grown in Iowa? One way to estimate corn production is to consider how many acres of corn are grown and how much corn does an acre yield.  The graph below shows that one reason Iowa produces the most corn in the United States is that it plants the most corn.  Iowa has been the top-ranking state for planted corn for many years.

2023 US state corn planted acres rankings

US state corn planted acres rankings

What is Iowa’s average corn yield? Unlike the planted acres and production statistics,  Iowa does not have the greatest corn yield in the United States.   Oregon and Washington have that distinction with a corn yield of approximately 220 bushels/acre.

US state corn yield rankings for 2023

US state corn yield rankings

How can we know state corn production before the season is over? CropProphet is a corn and soybean yield production system designed to ensure our customers know the impact of weather on crop production.  Grain traders, grain merchandisers, and other agribusiness participants use our sophisticated weather-based grain forecasting system to stay ahead of the market, trade profitably, and earn more money.   Discover the power of CropProphet by requesting a free trial.

Production Rankings: 2023
Rank State Production (M bu)
1 IA 2522.6
2 IL 2276.3
3 NE 1729.0
4 MN 1513.3
5 IN 1077.9
6 SD 854.2
7 OH 673.2
8 KS 612.9
9 MO 561.5
10 WI 552.6
11 ND 543.4