What State Produces the Most Corn?

What state produces the most corn? In 2021 Iowa produced 2.5 billion bushels of corn, making it the #1 producer of corn in the United States.  Illinois produced 2.2 billion bushels making it the 2nd most productive corn state.

State Corn Production Ranking for 2021

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A table of the 11 most productive state corn producers is shown below.

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A 2020 Corn Production Forecast 
A History of Corn Production by State
How many acres of corn are grown in Iowa?
What is Iowa’s average corn yield?
How can I know state corn production before the season is over?


The 2020 Production in Review

The 2020 US grain growing season experienced two significant weather events that impacted the national corn production.   The first was a regional drought focused on Iowa. The second event was an August 2020 derecho in Iowa and Illinois causing extensive corn production damage.   Looking at the 2020 deviation from the technology trend corn yield, we see the corn yield in virtually every Iowa county was below the technology trend.202- Corn Deviation from Technology TrendThe map below, created by the CropProphet corn yield forecast model, shows the impact of the drought on corn yields.   Many counties in Iowa, some of which are top corn producers nationally, produce much less than normal in 2020 because of the derecho and the drought.

Impacts of the 2020 Iowa Drought

Impacts of the 2020 Iowa Drought

Learn more about US crop production.Corn Production by State: A History
We have prepared a history of state rankings of US corn production.  Has Iowa always been the #1 producer of corn in the United States?

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How many acres of corn are grown in Iowa?One way to estimate corn production is to consider how many acres of corn are grown and how much corn does an acre yield.  The graph below shows that one reason Iowa produces the most corn in the United States is that it plants the most corn.  Iowa has been the top-ranking state for planted corn for many years.US State Corn Planted Acres RankingWhat is Iowa’s average corn yield?Unlike the planted acres and production statistics,  Iowa does not have the greatest corn yield in the United States.   Oregon and Washington have that distinction with a corn yield of approximately 220 bushels/acre.US State Corn Yield RankingsHow can we know state corn production before the season is over?CropProphet is a corn and soybean yield production system designed to ensure our customers know the impact of weather on crop production.  Grain traders, grain merchandisers, and other agribusiness participants use our sophisticated weather-based grain forecasting system to stay ahead of the market, trade profitably, and earn more money.   Discover the power of CropProphet by requesting a free trial.

Production Rankings: 2021
Rank State Production (M bu)
1 Iowa 2552.2
2 Illinois 2191.7
3 Nebraska 1854.6
4 Minnesota 1395.5
5 Indiana 1027.7
6 Kansas 750.6
7 South Dakota 739.8
8 Ohio 644.6
9 Missouri 548.8
10 Wisconsin 547.2
11 North Dakota 381.1