Historical State Corn Yield per Acre

Causes of Corn Yield Variations

There are two primary causes of corn yield per acre variations at the regional level in the United States.   This also hold true for soybean yield per acre.  They causes of variation are:

  1. The Technology Trend – many types of technology is improving yields for both soybeans and corn. The result is an increase of how much crop can be produced on a given piece of farm land.   The charts below show corn and soybean yields from 1986 to 2017 as reported by the USDA.   The general upward slope of the line is the technology trend.
  2. Weather conditions during the corn growing season – after removing the effect of the technology trend, the impact of weather on corn and soybeans can be estimated.  The variations around the upward trend in the data on these charts are cause by weather conditions during the US growing season.CropProphet uses the evolving weather conditions during each crop season to forecast end of season yields and production.

Historical Corn Yield Per Acre Data

Iowa Corn Yield Per Acre

Illinois Corn Yield Per Acre

Indiana Corn Yield Per Acre

Historical Soybean Yield Per Acre Data

Iowa Soybean Yield  Per Acre

Illinois Soybean Yield Per Acre Data

Indiana Soybean Yield Per Acre Data