Top 10 Soybean Producing Countries

You might ask yourself “Which country is the largest producer of soybeans in the world?” According to data from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the world produced 333,671,692 tonnes of soybean in 2019. That is equal to 12,260,332,549 bushels of Soybeans. 12.2 Billion bushels! The world’s top 10 soybean producers are responsible for greater than 80% of that total. In fact, the United States and Brazil together account for over 60% of total global soybean production.

Because “Soybean is an important source of food, protein, and oil,” understanding global production and the impact weather has on it, can be important.   For example, a La Niña event can have significant impacts on the corn and soybean crops in Brazil and Argentina

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Soybean Production by Country: World Rankings

The top 10 greatest producers of soybean, according to 2019 data provided by the UN FAO, are shown below. As can be seen, the United States and Brazil dominate the global picture by together producing approximately 65% of the global soybean supply. Argentina, while not unimportant, is a distant third with mainland China, and India rounding out the top 5 producers.

The top 10 soybean-producing countries in 2018 are:

  1. United States
  2. Brazil
  3. Argentina
  4. China
  5. India
  6. Paraguay
  7. Canada
  8. Ukraine
  9. Russia
  10. Bolivia

Soybean Production by Country: Production

The total soybean production by country is shown below. 

Soybean Production by Country: 2019

Soybean Production by Country: 2019

Soybean Production by Country: Contribution to World Total

Soybean production by the percentage of the global total is provided below.   As can be seen, Brazil and the USA combine for over 60% of all soybean production in the world.   

Ranking of Top 10 Soybean Producers in the World
Ranking of Top 10 Soybean Producers in the World

Brazil is the second-largest producer of soybeans in the United States. Brazil has, in recent years, become a significant producer of soybeans. The total amount of soybean production in Brazil can make the price of soybean s change.

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