Corn Yield Risk: Scenario Analysis from 3 Julys

Introduction The risk of corn yield forecast declines occurring during the remainder of July 2020 is analyzed using a weather scenario approach. Recent long-range forecasts created by the World Climate Service, a separate product of Prescient Weather, show increased probabilities of above-normal temperature and below normal precipitation across the U.S. Corn Belt for the remainder[…]

Corn Belt Weather Forecast Monitoring

Corn Belt Weather Forecast Monitoring

Monitoring Corn Belt Weather Forecasts CropProphet produces grain yield and production forecasts based on an advanced weather-driven model. It quantifies the impact of weather and weather forecasts on county, state, and national grain production using both “crop season-to-date” weather conditions and weather forecasts. An important aspect of CropProphet is the use of weather forecast information[…]

Midwest Heat Wave Update: July 2020

Midwest Heat Wave Forecast Update We recently posted information about the probability of a Midwestern US Heat Wave in July 2020 from our related product, the World Climate Service. Since the ECMWF “extended forecast” was released yesterday, this post updates the forecast as of July 7th, 2020. On June 29, 2020, we wrote a post[…]