AgYield Partners With CropProphet

CropProphet is pleased to announce an innovative partnership with AgYield.  AgYield assists producers in making well-informed decisions to better manage farm revenue, and market their crops at profitable levels while ensuring customers are not speculating on crop prices.

The AgYield Revenue Manager product directly integrates CropProphet weather-based yield and production information to provide producers with daily updates of expected farm revenues. This information, combined with the CropProphet crop weather graphics also available in Revenue Manager, empowers producers to take direct control of their weather risk management strategies.

Ag Yield Revenue Manager Includes CropProphet

AgYield Revenue Manager now includes CropProphet weather and crop yield forecast information

Benefits of Quantified Crop Weather Information

“CropProphet presented an opportunity to leverage their unique weather-based crop yield modeling capabilities to the benefit of our customers,” says Justin Kelly, CEO of AgYield. “They provide the wide range of weather-related data we need to provide enhanced capabilities to our producer customer base. They have been very supportive during our development process.”

“We are very happy AgYield, a leading provider of producer risk management services, decided to share CropProphet crop yield forecasts and related information with their customers,” says Dr. Jan Dutton, CropProphet CEO. “It’s great to validate that CropProphet weather-based yield forecast information provides value throughout the grain trading value-chain from agriculture risk management providers to the largest systematic grain futures traders.”

AgYield Revenue Expectation Management with CropProphet

CropProphet crop yield forecasts allow Revenue Manager users to estimate farm revenues as crop yield forecasts change. AgYield producer customers are better informed and therefore make better crop marketing decisions

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