Objective Crop Weather Outlook for a Subjective Market

CropProhet provides Objective Crop Forecasts

The 1 Minute Summary

  • Available market commentary can be influenced by hype, fear, and greed.
  • CropProphet not only provides the best possible estimate of crop season yield and production for corn, soybean, and winter wheat, but also provides a rigorous impact estimate of the current 14 day and 28 day weather forecast.
  • The weather forecasting information used include the NOAA's GFS model and the ECMWF model.
  • Ignore the hype. Get the facts. Use CropProphet for grains market intelligence.

Ignore the hype - Get the facts

Occasionally the market over reacts to information about the grain market.  July 10, 2017 market concerns about weather did not pan out.  The CropProphet forecast corn yield forecasts had started their upwards progress towards what was a substantial increase in the yield forecast.   2017 users of CropPhrophet were able to avoid being impacted by market hype and plan, trade, and make decisions confidently based on our forecasts.

July 10 example of forecast

In early July 2017 corn prices were increased based on unfounded concerns about the impact of weather on corn yield and production.  Users of CropProphet would have detected the rapid increase in the national corn yield predictions.  Select this link to read more about CropProphet crop forecast accuracy.

Objective Crop Forecasts

CropProphet is a completely automated crop forecast system that is not swayed by the latest market news.  Many market participants have to guess not only at the impact the weather that has happened so far this year but guess at the impact of the weather forecast on crops.   CropProphet users do not have to guess about the impact of the weather forecast on crop yield or production.  It's one of the many analytical tools available to you in the product.

The example screen shots (taken May 7th) show the impact of expected weather conditions over the next 14 days on corn yield and soybean production.  The impact of the expected weather conditions over the next 14 days is updated every day and is easily accessible in the CropProphet web interface.  Other analyses of the forecasts are available that ensure you have a full assesment of the current status of the grain forecast and the risks that remain for the remainder of the growing season.

Now Featuring Two Weather Forecast Models

One of the most frequent pieces of feedback we received during 2018 was requests to add the European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecast (ECMWF) ensemble model forecasts to CropProphet.  We already are the only provider to quantify the impact on yields as implied by the weather forecasts.  Analyses from the ECMWF model, widely acknowledged as the most accurate short to medium range weather forecast model available today, will be included in your CropProphet Enterprise subscription for 2019.   The 14-day crop impact analysis will feature crop forecasts as impacted by the NOAA's GFS and the ECMWF ensemble model data.


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