Crop Production Forecasts: Stay Ahead of the Grains Market

Crop Production Forecasts

for Corn, Soybeans, and Winter Wheat

Learn about why CropProphet crop production forecasts will uniquely position you with advanced grain market information.

Back Test your Grain Market Trading Ideas - A 34-year history of daily crop forecast information is available allowing you to test grain trading ideas and build better, more profitable models.

Quantified Weather Impact - The CropProphet production and yield forecasts are updated every day of the growing season.  We've quantified the impact weather has on grains.

Superior Accuracy- CropProphet provides transparency at the county, state, and national level regarding the accuracy of its Corn, Soybean, and Winter Wheat production and yield forecasts.

Objective Weather Outlook - You may not be surprised to learn that the market consensus is not always correct.  CropProphet is based on objective, "season-to-date" weather and satellite information but also combines the latest weather forecasts.  The forecast is not swayed by market hype.

Compare the Crop Prophet Features, highlighting what is available with each subscription. 

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A CropProphet Deviation From Technology Trend Corn Yield Forecast

CropProphet Corn Yield Forecast

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