The Soybean season is well underway and the weather has not yet had any dramatic impacts on soybean yields.   According to Statistica, Illinois is the top producing soybean state in the United States.   Keeping track of soybeans yield in Illinois is important to understanding US soybean production in 2018.

Weather conditions during the growing season are an important driver of year to year changes in soybean yield.   One way of comparing the impact of weather is to compare current yield forecasts relative to the technology trend.  The map below shows the CropProphet soybean yield forecast for Illinois as compared to the technology trend.  It shows that, in general, much of the state is currently forecast to have above trend soybean yields.

Illinos Soybean Deviation from Trend on May 27

The weather can change and have important impacts on Illinois soybean production estimates because of it’s impact on yields.   The two week weather forecast for Illinois has a moderate but positive 0.8 bu/acre impact on Ilinois soybean yields.

As of the end of the May, Illinois soybean yields are on track for a decent year.  The critical growth months still remain, however.


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