US Soybean Yield Forecasts Trending Up

One Minute Summary The CropProphet Soybean yield forecast has been trending upward all season. The national yield forecast has increased 1.3 bu/a over the past 6 weeks. The Iowa trend graphic looks very similar to the national yield forecast trend.   The national yield forecast trend can be accessed via a trial or your subscription to[…]

Is Another 2012 Drought On The Way?

Will Another 2012 Drought Emerge? – Implications for Corn Production One Minute Summary There is emerging market speculation that recent hot, dry weather may presage a summer drought like 2012 However, soil moisture is currently much higher than at this time in 2012 Pacific Ocean climate influences do not favor a drought this summer CropProphet[…]

Soybeans Update – September 15, 2017

Temperatures across the U.S. Midwest have been very persistently below normal since the end of July, and in the past few weeks this anomaly has become slightly unfavorable for soybeans, leading to a slight reduction in the yields expected by CropProphet (see figures below). Nevertheless, soybean conditions remain very good overall, with CropProphet showing above-trend[…]