Brazil Soybean Weather – A Top Producer

Brazil Soybean Weather – Introduction Over the past 20 years, Brazil soybean weather has had important impacts on production. During that time Brazil has become a global powerhouse in the agriculture industry while developing into both a major producer and exporter of agricultural products. If you’ve asked yourself “Which country is the largest producer of[…]

Top 10 Soybean Producers in the World

Top 10 Soybean Producing Countries You might ask yourself “Which country is the largest producer of soybeans in the world?” According to data from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the world produced 352,643,549 tonnes of soybean in 2017. That is equal to 12,957,428,771 bushels of Soybeans. 13 Billion bushels! The world’s top 10 soybean[…]

USDA WASDE – August Corn Yield Estimate Performance

USDA WASDE: How accurate are the estimates? As the end of the crop season approaches each year, the market eagerly awaits the August USDA World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimate (WASDE) report, released by Cornell University’s Mann Library. CropProphet is a web-based solution providing users with a weather-based corn yield forecasts of the end-of-season USDA[…]

Heat Waves and Corn Yield: Timing Matters

Heat Waves and Corn Yield Heatwaves and corn yield have a potentially important relationship but the timing matters. There has been significant discussion recently regarding the possible impact of the developing heatwave on the corn yield forecast. While the heat will be very excessive for a few days, it is occurring prior to corn pollination[…]

Corn Planting Delays: Significant Impact on Corn Yield Forecasts

Corn Planting Delays: Introduction The most popular question from customers and prospective customers of CropProphet this year is “how do you account for the corn planting delays in your forecasts of corn yield?” This post addresses that question by looking at the performance of CropProphet in prior late planting years. May 2019 = Wet in[…]