July USDA Winter Wheat Estimates

One Minute Summary The U.S. winter wheat harvest is three-fourths finished The final CropProphet winter wheat yield and production estimates were lower than the USDA July estimates CropProphet indicated more severe drought damage in the southern Plains USDA Winter Wheat Estimates The harvest for U.S. winter wheat is nearing completion, with the most recent Crop[…]

Is Another 2012 Drought On The Way?

Will Another 2012 Drought Emerge? – Implications for Corn Production One Minute Summary There is emerging market speculation that recent hot, dry weather may presage a summer drought like 2012 However, soil moisture is currently much higher than at this time in 2012 Pacific Ocean climate influences do not favor a drought this summer CropProphet[…]

Winter Wheat Update – April 16, 2018

CropProphet forecasts for 2017-2018 U.S. winter wheat are now available and are being updated daily with the latest weather, satellite, and crop health information. CropProphet uses the historical relationships between crop yield and a diverse set of predictors to forecast the end-of-season yield and production that is most likely to occur at the county, state,[…]

CropProphet Corn Yield Forecasts – Ahead of the Competition

CropProphet Corn Yield Forecast Performance Springtime approaches and the markets are preparing for another crop season in the United States.   By June corn fields will begin to green up across the U.S. Midwest, and the CropProphet corn production and yield forecasts will provide valuable early indications of potential outcomes for the 2019 crop. The performance[…]