Corn Yield Forecast from the 12Z GFS Operational

CropProphet quantifies the impact of weather on corn yield. This post discussed a new quantification: direct calculation of the corn yield forecast implied by the 12Z GFS Operational weather model forecast. The corn yield forecast implied by the 12Z GFS Operational is calculated in 5-day increments as the data is made available from NOAA. The[…]

Quantification of Change

The mission of CropProphet is to quantify the impact weather has on grain crops. A substantial amount of data and information is required to achieve our mission. The information available enables us to provide unique analytics to better inform the decisions CropProphet customers make. In this post, we discuss the importance of calculations showing the[…]

Early 2019 Crop Season Precipitation was Predicted

Prescient Weather, the creator of CropProphet, also offers a long-range forecast and analysis tool called the World Climate Service. Our company focuses on developing market-leading, scientifically-based climate information services. CropProphet is an excellent example of a climate information application because annual crop yields are dependent on weather conditions over an entire crop season. In other[…]

ECWMF Forecast Model data in CropProphet

The mission of CropProphet is to quantify the impact weather has on crop yield and production as objectively as possible.  The #1 request for product improvement during 2018 while discussing our mission with customers was to add ECWMF analysis. ECMWF is the weather forecast model from the European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasts.  It[…]

Enhancements for 2019

The heart of the 2019 US Grains season is rapidly approaching as corn and soybean planting finally gets underway in some parts of the Midwest.   The CropProphet team has been very busy for many months with preparations for the 2019 season and in this post, we discuss the updates and improvements we are releasing for[…]

Corn Yield Forecast Change (and Soybeans)

One Minute Summary Throughout July the difference between our “year-to-date” forecast and the impact of the 14-day weather forecast suggested weather was supporting yield development. The last 5 days have seen this difference decrease.   It’s likely the biggest increases in yields forecasts have already occurred.  However, weather can still impact the final estimates of corn[…]